Bowling Green City Council-at-Large
Beverly Keeling Elwazani
Beverly is not your typical politician. 

She's never run for office before, but as a mother of four, she understands sometimes you have to do what needs to be done. We need an alternative to the two party system. As a Green, 
Beverly is committed to governing following the Party's principles of Ecological Wisdom, Social Justice, Non-Violence, and Grassroots Democracy
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Why vote Green? Why now? Why Beverly?
Green Party Candidate for Council-at-Large, Beverly Keeling Elwazani

Beverly has spent a lifetime helping other people. As a mother of four, ranging in age from 14 to 32, she has spent many years driving her children to school, sports, theater, and other activities. She has not just helped her own family. She's been a 4-H Leader, Girl Scout leader, volunteered for the Horizon Youth Theater, and coached basketball and soccer.

Beverly grew up in Toledo, but has been a BG resident for 25 years. She has been a volunteer with the BG Christian food pantry for 13 years. Her professional life has also focused on helping people in need. She has worked for: Connecting Point, an organization that helps runaways; the Epilepsy Center, teaching daily living skills; and the Zepf Community Mental Health Center as Assistant to the Director of Residential Programs.

Her experiences have taught her the importance of listening to people's needs, and she feels it's important that everyone's voice is heard in City government, especially those whose voices are usually forgotten. A long-time Green Party member, she understands the necessity for politics to return to the grassroots in order to meet the real needs of the people of Bowling Green.
Every day, we see Bowling Green moving away from the direction we need to go. The recent announcement that the City is going to stop glass recycling is just one example. 

This is not the time for us to increase our landfill costs and by generating even more trash. Ultimately, we should be trying to eliminate landfills altogether as they have in countries like Germany. 

There are many other problems facing our community, such as poverty and opiod addiction. Beverly will take on those problems in a way that is fair, and with a future focus. We are just borrowing this world from our children, let's improve it for them.