Bowling Green City Council-at-Large
Beverly Keeling Elwazani
Beverly is not your typical politician. 

She's never run for office before, but as a mother of four, she understands sometimes you have to do what needs to be done. We need an alternative to the two party system. As a Green, 
Beverly is committed to governing following the Party's principles of Ecological Wisdom, Social Justice, Non-Violence, and Grassroots Democracy
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  1. As Chair of the Wood County Green Party, and as a former Green Party Candidate for US Senate, I can say without hesitation that Beverly is the kind of council person that we need in Bowling Green right now. She understands the needs of this city, because she's deeply embedded in this community. She has almost limitless energy and drive that she has put into raising her family. The people of BG are lucky that she's willing to put that energy into helping the City become all that it can be. She listens to people, and understands that decisions have to be based on morals and values.
    Joe DeMare
    "...the kind of council person we need in Bowling Green right now."
  2. I ran against Beverly in the May primary, but I'm happy that I'm going to be able to vote for her in November. She embodies the Green Party values of Diversity and Social Justice. She'll make a great council person. When we were campaigning in the primary, I saw a woman who kept her word and met her obligations. She is willing to stretch her limits and develop new skills in order to do what needs to be done. She's intelligent and committed and loves her family and this community.
    Helen Dukes
    "...happy that I'm going to be able to vote for her in November."